Pakistan’s Best Online Rental Marketplace



In present economic situation of Pakistan where business activities are in severe slow pace the GDP is low level unemployment rate are alarming the purchasing power is shrinking because of financial situation.


In view of above the only way to enhance business activities in our country is to   Switch over RENTAL Economy Business Model which is very simple, Get things on Rental basis and put things for Rent.


All these rental activities required a marketplace that provides a platform where Rental business activities can be possible. In a very short time introduced a Unique Electronic/Internet Based Platform invites all communities to post advertise for anything, goods and services for Rent. This internet based FREE platform helps them have an opportunity to showcase their products and services available for Rent.


The website also provides Free RENTAL AGREEMENT FORMAT for ease of users to make them deals according to their needs and requirement.




Being a responsible citizen, everyone should contribute to boost country economy by adopting Rental business model!